Losing the Dark


Losing the Dark is a movie produced by International Dark-Sky Association and Loch Ness Productions to illustrate issues and solutions related to light pollution.

Together with Regional conference of elected officials of Estrie and international poetry slam champion David Goudreault, ASTROLab is sharing this words and picture presentation that evokes the magic of Mont-Mégantic and the heritage of the first International Dark Sky Reserve (french).

In this video clip produced by Université rurale québécoise, Sébastien Giguère, Education supervisor at Mont-Mégantic National Park ASTROLab talks about the Mont-Mégantic International Dark Sky Reserve (french).

Lights Out!

For our entire history we have lived and worked in rhythm with the rising and setting of the sun. But all that changed with the invention of artificial light nearly 130 years ago. Light fixtures, computer screens, television screens – all of these have allowed us more time to live, work, play and extend the length of our days. And shorten our nights. But at what cost? Are we actually putting ourselves at risk?