Help us save an endangered experience

The underlying principle of Mont-Mégantic International Dark Sky Reserve is to preserve the dark sky for actual and future generations. 

Today threatened with disappearance by light pollution, this natural heritage is an invaluable resource scientifically, but also culturally: it has always been one of the most magnificent and inspiring experience offered to human beings.

The fight against light pollution is a win-win cause. It allows to not only protect the stars but also to realize considerable energy savings and improve security and visual comfort of our nocturnal environment. There also is increasing scientific literature documenting the previously inconceivable magnitude of impacts of nocturnal artificial lighting on the health of human beings and ecosystems.

Your donations will go to ensure the sustainability of the Reserve and to pursue our efforts to reduce light pollution.

Thank you for helping to protect the stars, thank you for helping to protect the dark night.




The Mont-Megantic International Dark Sky Reserve project is lead by Corporation de l'ASTROLab, a registered charitable organization (896543337RR0001)Your donations are tax deductibleA tax receipt to this effect will be issued by within seconds of your contribution.