Mont-Megantic IDSR reports the installation of new amber LED street luminaires that are dark sky, human health and environment friendly

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Directors of the Mont-Mégantic International Dark Sky Reserve (MMIDSR), which covers Granit and Haut-Saint-François RMCs as well as the City of Sherbrooke, are pleased to announce the installation of luminaires that are dark sky, human health and environment friendly in the municipality of Saint-Ludger, located at 75 km from Mont-Mégantic.

These new luminaires offer DEL technology benefits (energy efficiency, controllability, durability), while respecting lighting principles endorsed by IDSRMM and its partners, such as better oriented lighting, less intensity, time- controlled and amber tones.

These Philips StreetView luminaires, equipped with 1800 K amber DEL, are doubly innovative. Firstly, they emit optimum colour while minimising nocturnal blue light and its impacts on the dark sky and human health. Secondly, factory programming enables a gradual intensity reduction of 50 % at midnight, followed by a return to full power by 6 a.m. These features contribute simultaneously to reducing energy costs, preserving the dark sky, protecting living organisms from impacts of nocturnal blue light, while supporting a warmer, less glaring nocturnal environment. These DEL luminaires fully satisfy regulatory requirements overseeing outside lighting in the Dark Sky Reserve.

This innovative installation carried out by the municipality of Saint-Ludger thus demonstrates that it is possible to implement DEL technology in our territories without jeopardising the dark sky and the nocturnal environment with white light. The new street lighting is well appreciated by authorities and citizens and shows once again that it is feasible to counter light pollution while adequately meeting security needs.

MMIDSR directors take this opportunity to remind people, industries and municipalities to exercise care before installing white LED luminaires on the Dark Sky Reserve territory, since those are generally prohibited by regulations in effect on the Reserve, except in certain cases and for specific uses like sports grounds or commercial displays. Many amber DEL devices are now available on the market.

Dark night is essential to life; let us work together to preserve it.


Sébastien Giguère

Science Coordinator Mont-Mégantic National Park / ASTROLab of Mont-Mégantic / Mont-Mégantic International Dark Sky Reserve