Mont-Megantic IDSR reports the arrival of new Phillips LED luminaires that are dark sky, human health and environment friendly

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Officials of Mont-Mégantic International Dark Sky Reserve (MMIDSR), which covers Granit and Haut-Saint-François RMC and the City of Sherbrooke, are pleased to announce that Phillips has now made available a whole range of LED luminaires which are dark sky, human health and environment friendly.

These new green luminaires allow us to put forward LED lighting technology while significantly limiting  emission of bluish light towards the sky and living areas, contributing to a better protection of starry skies and biological cycles related to the alternation of night and day. Moreover, these LED luminaires satisfy regulatory requirements overseeing outside lighting on the Reserve territory.

This important step forward was made possible through the use of slightly amber LED which are diffusing a much more warm light that white LED, while offering better colour rendering than high pressure sodium lamps which have been lighting our streets for the last three decades. Not only do these new luminaires contain little blue light, they also use little energy, offer excellent service life and are easy to control with motion sensors and dimmers.

This new technology demonstrates once again that it is possible to fight light pollution while satisfying outside lighting needs.

MMIDSR directors take this opportunity to remind people, industries and municipalities to exercise care before installing white LED luminaires on the Dark Sky Reserve territory, since those are generally prohibited by regulations in effect on the Reserve, except in certain cases and for specific uses like sport grounds or commercial displays.

Life needs the dark night. Let us learn to respect it.


Pierre Goulet | Director

Mont-Mégantic National Park/ ASTROLab du Mont-Mégantic / Mont-Mégantic International Dark Sky Reserve