White LED lighting – Wait before choosing

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Directors of Mont-Mégantic International Dark Sky Reserve (MMIDSR), which covers Granit and Haut-Saint-François RMC and the City of Sherbrooke, encourage people, contractors and municipalities to exercise caution before installing white LED luminaires.

Although these new luminaires offer some benefits, they usually project a very white light which could have negative effects on sky glow and the health of human beings, fauna and flora. Moreover, these white LED luminaires are usually prohibited by regulation in effect within the Dark Sky Reserve, except in certain cases and for specific uses like Christmas decorations and sport grounds.

Many partners of International Dark Sky Reserve are presently working to develop technical solutions for eliminating negative impacts of these luminaires and allowing implementation of this new technology on the Reserve territory, while protecting the dark sky, human health and environment. What is more, Dark Sky Reserve directors are also collaborating with various partners towards the elaboration of a new light pollution control regulation which would allow LED luminaire installation in an orderly and thoughtful way.

Partners of the International Dark Sky Reserve will soon be presenting findings of their work at a symposium which will take place on December 11 at Alfred DesRochers room in Sherbrooke CÉGEP, under the theme “Problématiques et solutions relatives à l’éclairage aux DEL blanches” (Issues and solutions related to white LED lighting).

If you do care about health and environment, Dark sky Reserve directors recommend you to gather all necessary information before undertaking the installation of white LED luminaires even if those are IDA International certified because their certification program has not yet set out guidelines for the use of white LED in nocturnal environments.

Nature needs the dark night. Let us learn to respect it.


Bernard Boulet | Coordinator

Mont-Mégantic International Dark Sky Reserve – Corporation de l’ASTROLab, Mont-Mégantic